Week 6

This week, I found out that the previous attempt to 'solo' is impossible and unnecessary. Instead, I am inspired to use this opportunity to create the next big thing by extending my assignment 3 into the final project. I have strong faith in how far this idea can go. It is not the simply the next nuswhisper or paperbaton, it far surpasses those levels. It is something needed and will be used by anyone and everyone around the world. It is easy to gain traction, it is easy to retain users. Its benefits are limitless and without boundaries.

Week 5: Doing smth CRAZY

Hey, guess what crazy stuff I'm gonna do? I think I might solo the last project though I do not know how to code. Why? It is all because of one of the company pitch: The fire alarm system for the hearing-impaired. WHY? 1) It is so simple that I think no one would take it since they would be unable to impress the professor. Moreover, I do not think they are paying for the project. 2) Great chance for me to code an actual app all by myself and learn on the job, I might die but who cares? 3) I see people with great compassion pitching this app for the benefit of a minority group and I find it extremely hard to say no to them. I better start getting some advice from programmers on what the steps are.


So basically, AIRFROV is the sharing economy of shared luggage space. and the team yesterday made a rather comprehensive presentation of what it does, its history, etc. However I do have some thoughts about it. Firstly, people going overseas are probably on holiday, and yes it makes sense that they might want to make some extra cash, but at the expense of their vacation experience? I think not. Imagine going for a 3-day travel and having the need to travel to somewhere out of place to purchase an item? And if that shop happens to be closed? Next, we can solve this if we Airfrov creates a service that would ensure that these delivery men have a smooth and pleasurable experience. The service could be something that connects the overseas merchant with the local buyer, coming up with a contract to ensure the legitimacy of the purchase. Next, an itinerary is sent to the deliverer, and he can with certainty, make the collection without any unforseen disruptions. Commercial potential wi

week 3: OMG

What a week! I thought that Assignment 2 would be a breeze. After all, we simply needed a 20 slide ppt. How long and difficult could it get? Turns out the answer is very -spent almost 12 hours in total from start to finish for assignment 2. So after listening to the advice given, I decided to get a theme online for ease of css coding and managed to come out with a prettier design for assignment 1. Definitely something I can be proud of and I believe by the final project I would be more efficient in coming up with a design. Fingers crossed assignment 1 would be ok.


What a looooonnnnnng lecture.  This week's lecture on scrum was very useful and gave me a glimpse on what to expect on trello. I especially liked how it creates organisation amidst the chaos that programming entails. On the assignment 1, things were going rather smoothly. As the designer, my task were rather simple and coming up with the user interface did not take long. It was funny how my teammates were impressed by the design and felt that it must be extremely tough for me, whilst I felt the same for their roles as programmers. One thing I did learnt is on the types of design assets that I am supposed to pass to my teammates such as images in Png. Let us hope the next lecture is shorter!

What I hope to learn in CS3216

Things I wish to learn: How to work effectively with programmers How to design a good UX How to create a digital product The reason why I wish to learn these is because I believe that are much more benefits IT can bring to us simply by applying it in new areas and designing new products. By this I do not mean incremental improvement in products that are widely available but revolutionary products that are not yet available in the market, which can really improve the lives of many.